Find Your Word Count In Word

Are you looking to check your word count in Word? If you use Microsoft Word, there are actually several different built-in options to check to your word count as you are writing. All these methods work in Word 2007 and newer.

Word Count As You Type

Did you know that Word displays your word count as you type? If you look at the Word statusbar on the bottom left, you should see the number of words in the current document. Notice that the count automatically updates as you type.

Word count in Word as you type

Another neat feature that many people don’t know about is that Word will also count the number of words in a selection. Try selecting a block of text in your current Word document, and look at the status bar again. You should now see something like 12/272. This means that you have selected 12 words out of 272total words in the document.

Selection Word count in Word

Note that that you can make non-contiguous selections (CTRL-click) and you will get an accurate word count as well.

More Detailed Word Count in Word

Word also has a more detailed Word Count function. You can find it by going to the Review tab and selecting the Word Count icon.

Detailed Word count in Word

This gives you some additional statistics you might be interested in like number of pages, word count, characters, paragraphs and lines. There is also a checkbox that lets you set whether you want to include textboxes, footnotes and endnotes in this count.

Detailed Word Count

As you can see, it is very easy to find your word count in Word. So next time you are using Word, try this out for yourself.

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